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The second visit of LifeDrawaPL project Monitor

On 22-23 March 2016 the second visit of Mrs. Marta Kaczyńska, LifeDrawaPL project Monitor, took place.

The main purpose of this visit was to assess the progress of LIFEDrawaPL project activities. On the first day of the visit Mrs. Marta Kaczyńska met with the Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Szczecin, Mr. Radoslaw Grzegorczyk and the Deputy of Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Szczecin, Regional Conservator of Nature Ms. Sylvia Jurzyk-Nordlöw, people who directly supervise the project in terms of administrative and substantive aspect. Then the session was held with the participation of LIFEDrawaPL project staff, during which some information about the progress of individual activities was given, the manner of their hitherto implementation, proposals for some substantive and schedule changes. On the first day also organizational and financial issues were discussed, together with arising problems and possible solutions to them.

The second day was traditionally fulfilled with a field inspection of the area and the project’s objects. It started with a visit to the LIFE project office in WST RDEP in Złocieniec. Next the participants went to the camping site construction site in Złocieniec (action C.8 in the project). Another visited object was the threshold on the Drawa in Złocieniec, where the restoration concepts were presented as well as the idea of the river section rehabilitation in a form of a bottom ramp.

From Złocieniec they went to Drawsko Pomorskie, where the restoration concept of a weir next to MEW Koleśno was reported. The last point of the field inspection was the river Drawa in Rościn near Drawno. In this part the Drawa (Prostynia-Drawno) is an attractive canoe trail for those seeking an alternative to canoeing in DNP. It can be achieved by action C.8 (tourist traffic channelling in the Drawa basin) and creating, within it, a camping site on the Drawa above Drawno. This camping site will increase significantly the attractiveness of this picturesque and wild section of the Drawa.

The field lustration was attended by: Marta Kaczyńska – project LIFEDrawaPL Monitor, Radosław Grzegorczyk – Regional Director for Environmental Protection, Beata Gąsiorowska –LIFEDrawaPL project coordinator, Artur Furdyna – the project’s field administrator, Aneta Radecka – an expert on accounting the project, Thomas Heese – the project’s scientific expert, Wojciech Puchalski – the project’s scientific expert, Peter Waloch – senior inspector in WOPN RDEP.

Projekt „Active protection of water-crowfoots habitats and restoration of wildlife corridor in the River Drawa basin in Poland / Czynna ochrona siedlisk włosieniczników i udrożnienie korytarza ekologicznego zlewni rzeki Drawy w Polsce”.

Projekt LIFE13 NAT/PL/000009 pn. „Czynna ochrona siedlisk włosieniczników i udrożnienie korytarza ekologicznego zlewni rzeki Drawy w Polsce”, LIFEDrawaPL jest współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską w ramach programu LIFE + oraz przez Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej.

Beneficjent projektu

Regionalna Dyrekcja Ochrony Środowiska w Szczecinie
ul. Teofila Firlika 20, 71-637 Szczecin
tel.: 91 43-05-200, fax: 91 43-05-201
Biuro Projektu pok. 205 (II piętro)
tel. 91 43 05 222 lub 91 43 05 214


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